Storytime at Tutor Time

There’s one powerful learning experience that builds language and literacy skills and strengthens cognitive and social-emotional skills. That learning experience is storytime—a time when children can exercise their natural ability to make sense of the world through story and play.


We know storytime is important, which is why we work with Learning Time® to create a selection of books that specifically meet the needs of each age group and use them in our schools.

Story Time

Adventures of Blue and Dot

Adventures of Blue and Dot: In this storytelling set, Blue and Dot, two water droplets, get separated and must find their way back to each other. Usually, when children learn about the water cycle, it is explained in very scientific and foreign terms. This set explains the water cycle through a captivating storyline, along with fun activities that they can do at home.


Mr. Peacock

Mr. Peacock: In this storytelling set, children will encounter situations where characters experience different emotions. The children will have to use cues from the story to figure out what emotions to attribute to each character. This is not only a fun story about an arrogant peacock, it will also teach your child about the value of kindness, and to recognize different emotions.


Sammy the Spider

Sammy the Spider: In this storytelling set, Sammy tries hard to capture some insects for food, but only ends up catching different items. What does he catch? In the winter, he catches a jacket and some mittens. In the summer, he catches a beach ball and ice cream. This set is a great way to introduce the four seasons and items that are related to each season.


When Body Parts Escape

When Body Parts Escape: In this storytelling set, children will learn about different body parts and what they are responsible for. For example, Mr. Eyes sees flying raccoons and a baby on the moon! Mrs. Mouth tastes fried chicken and sushi made with ants! The fantasy-like storyline and rhythmic rhymes are great for repetition and stimulating imagination and creativity.


The Power of Reading

A Message From Dr. Susan, Chief Academic Officer

Of all the moments you share with your child each day, reading a story together is one of the most impactful to your child’s development. When you curl up together and open a new or favorite book, you are deepening critical social and emotional bonds with your child and creating a language-rich experience that fuels the developing brain. Why is reading aloud to your child so powerful?


● Stories help your child learn about themselves and others.
● Picture books are filled with rich vocabulary that develops your child’s oral language skills.
● Reading a book together helps your child with critical life skills, such as sustaining focus and attention, controlling impulses, and developing social skills like empathy.


Humans process and organize experiences by thinking narratively, about who, what, where, and why things happen around them. Young children know this instinctively and are drawn to storytelling and books, wanting to hear them again and again. When you sit your child on your lap and point to the pictures, make animal sounds, or recite favorite phrases, you’re making connections that last a lifetime!

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