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Tutor Time Hong Kong offers only the best international preschool for your child’s development, with our full-immersion bilingual Mandarin and English preschool and kindergartens around Hong Kong. Enquire today!

A Bilingual International Nursery and Kindergarten for Your Child’s Development

Tutor Time offers only the best for your child’s development. At Tutor Time we provide a School Readiness Pathway leading to the most popular local and international primary schools in Hong Kong through our full-immersion, bilingual English Mandarin curricula.

We recognize that each child is unique and so we arrange a customized curriculum to nurture every aspect of a child’s development, while stimulating creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills. We focus on your child’s unique interests and abilities through hands-on active learning and opportunities for self-expression with our international preschool curriculum in Hong Kong. Regular assessment and intentional planning mean that we ensure our students achieve the academic and social skills needed for primary school.

At Tutor Time, our teachers employ a number of different curriculums and programs to ensure that our full-immersion bilingual English Mandarin requirements are met, to fully benefit your child.

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