(3 to 6 months old)


Bond, play and learn under the guidance of our teachers

In the early months after birth, your baby’s brain is craving sensory stimulation and most importantly, bonding with you. In PlayLab, our experienced educators guide you and your baby in a 1 hour session of bonding and age-appropriate activities. Unlike Playgroup, PlayLab is mostly directed at teaching parents.
Caregivers build a bond with their babies through skin-to-skin contact, eye contact, shared attention, and talking, just to name a few. In PlayLab, we walk you through what you can do at class and at home to build a healthy bond with your baby through playing and learning together.
This program features:

●  Infant-safe and stimulating classroom environments
●  A new curriculum focusing on parent-child bonding
●  Unique baby learning tools designed by Learning Time
●  Highly interactive activities such as baby massage, visual and auditory tracking activities, and more
●  Key tummy time activities to build gross motor skills
●  Our signature fully immersive English and Mandarin bilingual environment, with a teacher for translation if needed

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