The Return of The Guardians

The Guardians of the globe are back with superhero Duo Duo and Dr. X.
Join us on a new adventure this summer as they travel to a different planet, make new friends and gain new skills.


Week 1 (19 – 23 JULY)
Caring Academy 關愛學院

This week, our children travel to the Distant Planet X where they will reunite with the Gaurdians of the Galaxy and meet our new Super Heroine Tian Tian. Our children will be initiatied into Tian Tian’s super hero training through the Caring Academy. They will be put through various challenges that will require teamwork, cooperation, and sharing to achieve access into the Academy.

Character Traits: Cooperation and sharing



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Week 2 (26 – 30 JULY)
Villains of Planet X 星球侵略者

One key characteristic of a super hero is bravery and courage. This week will introduce these ideas to our children and promote growth mindset through challenges that require trial and error, as they encounter Dr. X the Guardian’s old rival and new friend. Perhaps, Dr. X will take our new heros to a secret location where they will put their bravery to the test.

Character Traits: Bravery and Courage



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Week 3 (2 – 6 AUGUST)
Guardians of the Globe 地球守護隊

Now that our heroes know the location of the galaxy’s villains, we must work together to find them around the universe. The children will learn about various cultures, discover their own culture, and learn how to respect and celebrate the differences of cultures around the world.

Character Traits: Manners and Respect

守護者們順利破解了線索,他們必須前往不同的大陸來阻止惡人。 當他們遇到新文化時,必須記住要尊重他人及其傳統。 這周會是對不同文化和傳統的探索。


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Week 4 (9 – 13 AUGUST)
Guardians of Kindness 愛心守護隊

Our heroes have cracked the code, conquered the villians, and make their return to the Caring Academy to celebrate their new friend Dr. X by performing acts of kindness to demonstrate their appreciation for his help. This week your children will focus on building empathy and learning ways they can show kindness towards others.

Character Traits: Kindness and Empathy

我們的英雄們終於破解了密碼,征服了侵略者,他們返回“關愛學院” 與新朋友X博士慶祝,藉此對他的友善幫助表示感謝。本週您的孩子將專注於建立同理心和學習他們對他人表現出友善的方式。


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