Mission X: Race to Space

任務 X:太空漫遊

Mysterious alien creatures have crash landed in Tutor Time’s campuses! This summer, join us on an adventure to outer space as we travel the galaxy to get the aliens back home!

神秘的外星生物降落在 Tutor Time 的校園!今年夏天,與我們一起踏上外太空冒險之旅,穿越銀河系將外星人帶回家!

Week 1 (18 – 22 JULY) 第 1 週
Astronaut Academy 小太空人學院

This week, our students will complete their training in astronaut academy. Astronaut Academy is led by Duo Duo and Tian Tian, our superhero duo from previous summers who have traveled many galaxies. Astronaut academy will be full of physical and critical thinking challenges, but the key to success is working together!

本週,我們的學生將完成他們在小太空人學院的培訓。 學院由多多和天天領導;他們是我們前幾個夏天的超級英雄二人組,他們已經遊歷了許多星系。小太空人學院將充滿體能活動和批判性思維挑戰,而成功的關鍵是共同努力!

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Week 2 (25 – 29 JULY) 第 2 週
Preparing for Blast Off 準備起飛

Now that our students are officially astronauts, it’s time to blast off into space! But before that, we’ll need to build our own rocket ship. This rocket ship needs to fit our little astronauts and aliens so that we can help them find their way home. What shape should it be? How will it fly? How high can it go?


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Week 3 (1 – 5 AUGUST) 第 3 週
Travelling the Stars 星際旅行

Use our newly built rocket ships to explore the planets in our solar system. Which aliens live on which planets? Some planets are super hot while others are freezing cold, so it’s really important to match the right aliens to the right planets! (Beware: there may be other surprises that await…)

使用我們新建的火箭飛船探索太陽系中的行星。哪些外星人生活在哪些星球上?有些行星超級熱,而另一些則非常寒冷,因此將正確的外星人與正確的行星相匹配非常重要! (注意:可能還有其他驚喜在等待我們探索……)

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Week 4 (8 – 12 AUGUST) 第 4 週
Alien Encounters 外星人相遇

It seems the aliens that crash landed in TT are not the only aliens that exist in space! There are some other alien villains trying to prevent our students from entering certain planets. Work together to overcome these challenges, build alien colonies, and defeat the space invaders!


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