Health & Safety

Tutor Time is already renowned for having a strict year round hygiene policy in place, but we have recently added additional measures to ensure that our parents are returning to a safe and clean learning environment. Our student’s health is always our main concern and we will continue to adapt and innovate our procedures.


Some of the recent enhancements include:

Any parent or child who enters the school campus will have to pass through an infrared thermometer to check for any fluctuation in temperature.

Every parent and child who enters the school will have to immediately wash their hands, and remove their outdoor shoes. Indoor slippers will be provided for guardians.

All learning materials will be sanitized between each lesson.

Students will be using individual sensory trays instead of sharing the sensory table.

Snack Time will temporarily be suspended until further notice as a health precaution.

Regular wellness/temperature checks will be conducted throughout the day. The parents of any unwell children will be notified immediately

We have also strengthened our existing cleanliness and hygiene practices including more frequent hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces and items in classrooms.

Every family must submit a temperature record for the child and travel history declaration forms before entering the school campus.

Together, we are committed to ensuring that children can return and continue their early childhood education in a safe and fun learning environment.

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