Learning At Home

A child’s learning journey never stops but every child is unique and approaches learning differently. That’s why we’ve adapted our personalized curriculum approach to be used at home, with live online lessons, hands-on resources, and material packets. These resources were designed based on what they would be learning at school to ensure continuity in their education.


Two things to keep in mind: First, keep it simple and fun! A good part of all learning comes from interacting and bonding with you, regardless of the activity. Second, show your child you believe in them and have confidence in their abilities. Research shows when parents are motivational models for children, they develop positive attitudes that last through their school years.


Enjoy the journey!

Dr. Susan Canizares

Chief Academic Officer

Remote Lessons Accessed via Web and App

Our specially designed e-learning platform is available through web and a mobile app, allowing easy access to all your learning videos, quizzes and worksheets in one place.

Live Virtual Class Session

Children attend regular virtual class sessions according to their original schedule, facilitated by our language and classroom teachers.

Weekly Learning Materials

Our teachers carefully select and prepare learning materials and learning objectives for the upcoming week.

Social Visits

When circumstances permit, we arrange for families to come and have social visits; maintaining friendships with classmates and teachers is crucial for learning and development.

Wow Activity Group

(6 months to 2 years)

Nursery Program

(2 to 3 years)

Kindergarten Program

(3 to 6 years)