The Tutor Time Family

Our families come from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Every child and their family is different. Every child and their family is one-of-a-kind.


Nationalities from all Students


Nationalities from all Teachers


Students from foreign Countries

So, at Tutor Time, every child’s unique family background and interests are utilized to their advantage in the way that they learn, grow, build self-esteem, and develop their imagination.

As the first preschool from America that uses Full Immersion English and Mandarin curriculum in Hong Kong, we offer unparalleled early learning, and leverage our scale and experience to uplift the entire industry. We don’t just hold ourselves to the highest standards, we set new ones. That means earning Center of Excellence awards for all of our schools, year after year. That means, hand-picking teachers from all over the world for their talent and experience. Most importantly, that means children who are better prepared for academic and overall success than their peers.
All of this, and more.

But it’s not the accolades that get us up in the morning. It’s our shared belief that caring for and educating your child, and earning the trust of the families who depend on us, are the most important jobs on earth. To us, the mission is very clear: it is about doing everything we can for our children to prepare them for today’s world. We have the unique opportunity and privilege to shape their futures and that is something we cherish greatly.


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