Our Curriculum

LifeSmart™ Curriculum
A Curriculum that Helps Children Excel

Tutor Time’s LifeSmart™ curriculum builds on your child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional needs. While building a class rocket ship out of buttons and boxes, the children engage in creative problem solving and teamwork. When peering through binoculars and then searching for birds in a bird book, children not only increase their knowledge of science and nature, but also become aware of the satisfaction of making independent discoveries about the world. Teachers are careful to facilitate and encourage, asking open-ended questions, that spur language development as well as emergent writing and math skills. The Tutor Time® Curriculum has well defined and detailed goals designed to give the students the foundation that will support them and give them the confidence to achieve at each new level.

Our Kindergarten classrooms include rich learning centers that are aligned with standards established by accrediting associations in the USA. Our curriculum helps children expand their own unique gifts in our eight “Smarts,” which are:

●WordSmart: Reading, writing and telling stories
●MathSmart: Logical thinking, patterns and numbers
●BodySmart: Expression through one’s body, movement and physical activity
●DesignSmart: Visualization, building, drawing and design
●MusicSmart: Rhythm, singing and creating music
●NatureSmart: In tune with the natural world and living things
●PeopleSmart: Working in groups, sensitivity to others, leadership
●MeSmart: In touch with personal feelings and thoughts


In recent years, Tutor Time educators have recognized the importance of the STEAM subjects in the early childhood curriculum: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math plus Art – the means of communication for observations and results. STEAM is essential for the technological age in which our children live. Not only does the combination of these subjects help them understand their world, it also provides them with the best possible career options in the future. For this reason, Tutor Time’s MathSmart, DesignSmart (includes Engineering) and NatureSmart (includes Science) integrate at least one other STEAM discipline within one curricular activity.

Four essential teaching practices are used at Tutor Time in effectively employing the STEAM approach in the classroom: intentional teaching, teaching for understanding, encouraging inquiry, and providing real-world contexts. By asking, “How can you make it go more slowly?’ of a child playing with a water wheel in the sensory table, the teacher is supporting the child’s new perception of pouring water as a controlling force. The teacher can go on to strengthen the child’s experience by connection to the real world through Technology e.g. showing pictures or videos of water mills.

The arrangement of our classrooms involves much more careful planning than a typical preschool environment. Eleven learning centers designed around the eight Smarts offer self-directed learning activities which build up children’s problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Tutor Time® teachers supplement these experiences with large and small group activities that give children the tools they need to grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Creating Character - Bringing Character Back to the Classroom

Responsibility. Bravery. Creativity. Respect. Teamwork. Kindness. Love.
These are just some of the positive traits behind our “Creating Character” program that your child will experience through a Tutor Time® education.

Using children’s literature to teach fundamental character traits

Each month, we focus on one positive trait through the characters in children’s books. In the first week, the class will read and discuss the book. During the second through fourth weeks, we will bring that trait alive through engaging activities that allow children to “experience” the trait. This novel approach to building character (and also emphasizing the importance of literacy) is another building block of our Whole Child Education philosophy.

Real Results with Learning Care System®

Learning Care System® is the name of a new system designed by the curriculum department and being installed in the Tutor Time® classrooms worldwide. Learning Care System®, among other things, allows teachers to harvest knowledge by having access to the activities and ideas of teachers, directors and managers from over 500 centers on 4 different continents worldwide.
Tutor Time® is one of the few early education providers that conducts formal assessments of its preschool curriculum. Using Learning Care System®, we evaluate the progress of thousands of children enrolled in our programs. Results showed that children attending Tutor Time® made substantial gains in their learning and development, and have the educational skills needed for a successful transition into primary school. In fact, it showed that in just six months, children in our programs made gains usually expected after a full year.