Dragon Tales: In Search of the Mythical Egg


Duo Duo and Tian Tian encounter Earth’s very last dragon and embark on a quest to help her search for her lost dragon egg. Dive into the dragon’s den, meet the mythical Yeti, unveil the wonders of  the underwater city of Atlantis, and venture into the enchanted forest. Let your child’s imagination soar in this year’s magical summer program!


Encountering Dragons

Week 1 (July 15-19)
第 1 週 (7月15日至7月19日)

Encountering Dragons 與龍見面

In week 1, we enter the dragon’s den and encounter Luna, the mythical dragon. Your child will learn all about the myths and legends of Eastern versus Western dragons, and embark on a quest to help Luna search for her lost dragon egg.


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Beware of the Yeti

Week 2 (July 22-26)
第 2 週 (7月22日至7月26日)

Beware of the Yeti 小心雪怪

Our adventurers follow Luna the Dragon into the Himalayas where they search the snow-covered mountains for the lost egg. Along the way, they encounter a powerful Yeti, which they must defeat using teamwork, communication, and collaboration.


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Journey to Atlantis

Week 3 (July 29-August 2)
第 3 週 (7月29日至8月2日)

Journey to Atlantis 前往亞特蘭蒂斯

As your child continues their adventure, they will end up in the magical underwater city of Atlantis. They will engage in plenty of water and ocean related STEAM projects and science experiments to try and locate Luna’s lost dragon egg.


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Into the Enchanted Forest

Week 4 (August 5-9)
第 4 週 (8月5日至8月9日)

Into the Enchanted Forest 進入仙境森林

Finally, we end our search in the enchanted forests of Europe, where children will encounter unicorns, elves, fairies, and other fairytale stories that will delight their imagination. Will your child and Luna the dragon finally find the lost dragon egg?


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