Time Warp: Journey into the Retroverse


Duo Duo and Tian Tian stumble upon a time machine and end up lost in time. Do you have what it takes to join our Chrono Agents Squadron and rescue them? Discover Dinosaurs, meet the animals that roamed the Ice Age, visit ancient civilizations, and blast into the future!

多多和天天意外地坐上了時光機而迷失在不同的時空裏。您能夠加入我們的超時空特工隊,一 同拯救他們嗎?探索恐龍、認識生活在冰河時期的動物、發掘古代文明和飛越未來!

Week 1 (17 – 21 Jul) 第 1 週

Journey to the Age of the Dinosaurs 恐龍時代之旅

Our first stop is the Dinosaur age. Your child will learn all about the great beasts that roamed the Earth before we did. We will meet different Dinosaurs and learn about catastrophic events like volcano eruptions and meteorite strikes to see how this age ended!


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Week 2 (24 – 28 Jul) 第 2 週

Journey to the Ice Age 冰河世紀之旅

Your child will travel forward in time leaving behind the dinosaurs and meeting a new world- A frozen one! We will learn all about the Ice Age and meet creatures that roamed the Earth such as woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers!


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Week 3 (31 Jul – 4 Aug) 第 3 週

Journey through Ancient Civilizations 古代文明之旅

Your child will meet the ancient civilizations that once ruled our planet, including the Ancient Egyptians in Africa, the Romans in Europe, the Aztec in South America, and Ancient Chinese emperors. This week will be packed with interesting cultures that once existed and influenced the world as it is today!


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Week 4 (7 – 11 Aug) 第 4 週

Journey into the Future 未來之旅

We will fast forward in time and zoom into the future. Our children’s imaginations can run wild as we make robots, use a coding board, imagine flying cars, and role play what it might be like in 100 years from now! Will we inhabit other planets? Use spaceships for vacations to Mars? Have talking pets? Only your child’s imagination can tell!


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