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International Kindergartens and nurseries since 1988

A leader in Hong Kong Preschool Education

Tutor Time International Nursery and Kindergarten is an international preschool and leader in early childhood education in Hong Kong. When Tutor Time first came to Hong Kong in 2001, our fully-immersive bilingual curriculum paved the way towards a higher-quality education with English-Mandarin playgroup, nursery and kindergarten classes (K1, K2, and K3). Our goal has always been to push the boundaries of early childhood education through innovation, creativity, and excellence, and we believe that you can see this the moment you enter our kindergarten campuses.

At the core of our international preschools, you’ll find a team of professionals, qualified teachers, and staff who work hard to promote the development of the whole child, from playgroup and nursery to kindergarten, to better prepare them for primary school. Our dedication over the years has been reflected in multiple Center of Excellence Awards across all of our international preschools.

Our Advantages

Starting from our international playgroups through kindergarten, each learning environment is tailored to be age-appropriate and safe for our students. Our proprietary curriculum equips every child to be prime candidates for the best local and international primary schools in Hong Kong. Additionally, our low student-to-teacher ratio allows for more individualized focus, which ensures that your child’s learning is optimal for their unique learning style.

Our Programs

Wow Playgroup

(6 months to 2 years)

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(2 to 3 years)

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(3 to 6 years)

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Extended Program

(2 to 6 years)

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After School with Friends

(2 to 6 years)

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Tutor Time X Learning Time

(0 months to 6 years)

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Our Team

Tutor Time selects committed individuals with a high degree of preschool and kindergarten experience to design our curriculum and teach our students. Each class is taught by native English and Mandarin teachers, accompanied by qualified classroom teachers. Our highly-skilled team ensures that your child develops the skills necessary to lead them to the best primary schools in Hong Kong.

Our International Kindergartens

Tutor Time has 4 international preschool campuses around Hong Kong, and offers playgroup, nursery and kindergarten programs in North Point (Braemar Hill), Mid-Levels, Yuen Long YOHO & Kowloon Tong Dorset Crescent. Our award winning campuses offer stunning classrooms and playgrounds for children to unleash their creativity and potential. Schedule a school visit at one of our international preschool campuses to experience it first-hand!

Keep Learning on Track from Home

– Remote lessons access via web and app
– Live virtual class session
– Provided with weekly learning materials
– Social visit arrangement (situation permitted)

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Parent Reviews

Tutor Time® families come from all over the world. Their varied backgrounds, languages and cultures combine to create a truly international preschool. Because of this, Tutor Time® graduates show ready acceptance of others, confidence in themselves and are prepared for the diverse community that is our world. Find out why our parents call us one of the best international kindergarten in Hong Kong. 


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