ISBN : 0152050558
Book title / 圖書名稱 : Growing vegetable soup
Author / 作者 : Lois Ehlert
Description / 介紹 : This book is ideal for 2 – 6 year-old children to enjoy. The author used the concept of color contrast composition, plain and easily understood sentences so that children can understand the processes of planting, cleaning, cooking, and eating. These are fully explained in this book for easy comprehension.
Children can learn through this book about different names of the vegetables such as “tomato”, “cabbage”, “corn” , and “carrot”. The children can learn to have daily contact with food. Children can also learn that the processes of food preparation and eating also happened on a daily basis. I recommend this book and hope that parents and children will enjoy reading it together.
Tutor Time Braemar Hill - Ms. Cecilia

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