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Read and Share -Tutor Time's campaign to encourage the love of reading in young children

The goals of this program are to give families the opportunity to share quality literature and foster an interest in books in our pre-schoolers.

Most families have one or more special books that parents and children love to read again and again. We will be asking families to register their own favorite children's book on Tutor Time's Read and Share website and share it with other families. For every 5 books that you Read and Share, your child will receive a certificate of appreciation from Tutor Time.

To start this campaign, Tutor Time Hong Kong and Indonesia will donate over 600 story books that our teachers from the 5 Hong Kong Tutor Time schools have used successfully in class.





Register the book I read
Register the book I read

Please register the book you have read and pass it to your friends.

Create a label to start sharing your own book!
Create a label to start sharing your own book!

You can join Tutor Time's Read and Share campaign and start sharing your own books, one book at a time!

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