A natural skincare brand specialised in sensitive skin. Each ingredient is selected by hand and each product is carefully formulated, engineered, and crafted in small-batch in our facility in HK. All ingredients are skin friendly and beneficial.

SLSs-free,Paraben-free,Artificial preservative-free,Artificial color-free,Artificial fragrance-free,Alcohol-free

Our signature product is eczema lotion made for baby.

We have expanded to offer skincare products for adults for different skin types and functions:
1. Hydrating Skincare Regime
2. Anti-aging Skincare Regime
3. Whitening Skincare Regime

We also offer made-to-order skincare products according to individual needs after consultation. Feel free to contact us for an online consultation session.

20% off on baby products, 10% off on facial skincare products, and free samples will be offered for all Tutor Time customers


URL: https://www.mschusoapandbeaut.com/

Email: info@mschusoap.com

Tel: 35430092

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