2016-06-20 15:58:04 by Sarisha Baghel (1-2-3-4-5)
Dear TT school family,

We would like to congratulate the school on the success of the Summer Concert yesterday. All the kids performed brilliantly and all the shows were very entertaining.

Our daughter Sarisha is very lucky to have excellent teachers
in K1, Ms. Catherine, Ms. Sue, Ms. Sara and Mr. Liam. Her teachers in Nursery were brilliant too.

We are extremely happy with the way Sarisha is progressing in her learnings at school and with the overall development of her personality. The fact that she wants to go to school every single day, enters the school smiling and is greeted with warmth by the staff at the school's entrance as well as her teachers, makes us very comfortable and happy about the school environment.

We wish Tutor Time Int'l school the very best for all your future endeavours in the field of education.

Ankur and Sharon