Tutor Time Supports Educators

As educators, we have great respect for all teachers who are working to instill a love of learning in young children. For this reason, we are offering a limited number of partial scholarship to the children of primary and secondary teachers working in Hong Kong. If you wish to apply for a partial scholarship for your child, please contact our School Administrator or Director for more details.
作為教育工作者,我們向每日在自己崗位上辛勤工作,為教育事業做出傑出貢獻的老師們致以崇高的敬意! 多多將提供部分獎學金,給予在我校就讀,其父母於香港的中、小學任教師的學生以表心意。如您欲替幼兒申請該獎學金,請向校務處或校長查詢。