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Tutor Time® families come from all over the world. Their varied backgrounds, languages and cultures combine to create a truly International Nursery and Kindergarten. Because of this, Tutor Time® graduates show ready acceptance of others, confidence in themselves and are prepared for the diverse community that is our world.

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Tutor Time and our family have an unexplainable bondage . It all started from our first daughter, Elizabeth . Originally thinking this School-family relationship or bondage would only be just for a year and a half; it turned out to have lasted for five years! The first child we enrolled in Tutor Time was our eldest daughter, Elizabeth, then followed by our son, Cyrus and our third child, Isabella. We just had a fourth child and will surely enroll her also in Tutor Time!

Seeing our children going to Tutor Time every day thrilled with excitement and happiness, and returning home, still indulging in the enjoyable moments they have had from their day's class, I know I have made the right choice. Thank you all, teachers of Tutor Time for your patience. The feeling of being treated like family members upon meetings and greetings by Tutor Time staff every day, we feel much more than Parents-School relation. Tutor Time is just like our children's second home.

May we wish Tutor time continuous success and prosperity!

Mr. Chan Ho Man

Our family has a long history with Tutor Time! Our eldest son Rehmat, now 10years old, was the first to join the toddler activity group at Tutor Time and I loved seeing his awe and excitement! Due to various considerations he went to a different kindergarten which although good was not what we wanted for the early childhood education of our children.

As our family grew, we felt Tutor Time would give us the learning foundation we wanted and so enrolled our eldest daughter Jannat, now 8 years old, at the Tutor Time WOW Suffolk Campus where she attended the activity groups and nursery. She later went on to enjoy a fabulous time in K1 and K2 at the Dorset Campus. She was so lovingly taught and cared for by everyone at both campuses. So many children and they were all greeted by name and smiles. Our younger son, Saadat, joined Tutor Time activity group at Suffolk Campus then moved to the Dorset Campus whilst his sister Jannat was still there and it was so lovely to see them go to school together all smiles, laughing and sharing what they had learnt with each other! Saadat is now 5 years old and also went to nursery, K1 and K2 there. We are so so happy with our decision for our children to have their early childhood education at Tutor Time so naturally with our fourth child Aleena we enrolled her too! She is now 2.5years old and in the nursery class at Dorset Campus and already confirmed for K1 in the coming school year!

I would highly recommend Tutor Time because it gives a strong foundation for lifelong learning and I can see the difference between our eldest and younger children. Jannat was always so excited after school she would be jumping out of her shoes to tell us what she had been doing and even now she still has that excitement! You can see outside of school what they have been learning too and they always surprise me! Saadat loved singing the songs, both English and Mandarin, Jannat would join in too and now they both sing with Aleena (and yes, Mummy does too). They have had some same teachers too despite several years difference and it’s so nice to see so many familiar faces after so many years and the younger ones being asked about their older siblings by name. The teachers and staff have been wonderful and they do everything with so much love and dedication.

Our children still remember so many moments from Tutor Time (as do we) - water days splashing with friends, sports days and first medals, slides in the outdoor play areas, dancing and singing with friends, teachers with toothbrushes in their hair for crazy hair day, summer concerts, painting their hands and feet for artwork, field trips feeding goats, pajama day, celebrating birthdays, christmas parties, Mother’s Day, Chinese New Year celebrations and songs, the turtles and fish, giggling picking something from a mystery box...there are far too many to list here! We are still in touch with so many friends and families from over the years. We love the tradition of “Fun Fridays” with a new theme for every Friday - it really helped our children break out of comfort zones and build confidence speaking in front of the class and just fun preparing for them with our children! Although they do learn to write numbers and letters, most of what they learn is through play and investigating freely or through guided games. It gives them the curiosity and excitement to learn, to find out more and so many questions at home every day and so much fun finding the answers! They learn math, English, keeping fit, helping others, recycling, manners and so much more but all in such a loving and relaxed environment. Classroom photos give us a peak into the fabulous time our children have everyday (ours insist Mum and Dad can’t stay with them to play but they will play with us after school!). This is what we feel childhood should be about - we know our children are happy, safe and having fun - smiling, laughing, giggling uncontrollably, learning the color green then finding more green things all the way home...then in our lunch....at the supermarket...

We are so thankful for the education our children have received / are receiving at Tutor Time. Tutor Time has been growing and improving constantly over the years (keeping parents on their toes with new songs too!) and it has been a pleasure to be a part of it. We have always wondered if they will ever have a primary or secondary section as we would never leave!

Rahat Jabeen & Abdul Sattar


Tutor Time is a very special place. Every teacher and staff dedicates themselves to early childhood education and devote in developing the welling being of the students. They don’t just treat it as a job. Everyday when we send our daughter (Emma) to school, they always have friendly smile on their faces to brighten our day, even before we get into the school. Most of the teachers and staff in the school know and can name Emma even they haven’t taught her.

Emma attended to Braemar Hill Tutor Time playgroup since she was six months old and continuous until today (4 years old). In this three and half years, Tutor Time has helped us to shape and model Emma into a confident, cheerful and positive girl.

We still remember we were a bit worry about Emma in the nursery when she ran around the classroom during circle time and comfortably playing on her own most of the time in the class. As very common to the parents these days, we took Emma for various assessments and luckily, the specialists did not think Emma needed to attend any therapy or training classes. Throughout the time, we and Emma’s class teacher kept very close communication to monitor Emma’s progress and kept encourage Emma to fit into the class with her classmates.

Surprisingly, all those concerns were gone when Emma went up to K1. We and the teachers noticed her substantial changes even in the first week of the K1. She adopted very well in the class, following the class routines well and loved to play with her classmates. Now in K2, Emma is a very caring girl and we have been told that she is one of the popular students in the class with lots of friends.

With Emma carrying her happy face to the school everyday, we know she enjoys her school life in Tutor Time. She always says she loves her teachers and friends in Tutor Time very much. We are so delighted with her changes and were relieved with our overreaction before. We are very proud of Emma and thankful for the supports from the teachers and staff in Tutor Time.

Tutor Time’s program also enables Emma to be very well equipped to progress with her study. Proudly, in the competitive schooling system in Hong Kong, without much hassle, Emma has been accepted by our targeted international school to continue her future education.

The last but not the least, the school environment and classroom set up in Tutor Time also impress us a lot. We especially like the area which the students can spend time on their own to manage their emotion when necessary. This is something which never expected before and we think it is very useful for the children to learn controlling and managing their emotion during their young age.

We wish all the best to Tutor Time and its continuous success in its leading in early childhood education. We are so grateful to have put Emma to Tutor Time and be part of the Tutor Time family.

Danny Kwok and Jocelyn Chi – Parents of Emma Kwok (November 2015)

My son Gabriel joined the TAG (Toddler Activity Group) class at Tutor Time Braemar Hill when it first opened in early 2009, upon the recommendation of a few dear friends. I loved going to TAG with him, singing "Oh, Mr. Sun" every morning, watching how he learned bilingually and how he interacted with the wonderful teachers and fellow classmates within the clean, safe and stimulating surroundings. I loved going to class with him so much that I felt a sense of loss and sadness when he moved on to Nursery class because he no longer needed to be accompanied. Yet I also felt a sense of pride seeing my "baby boy" growing and learning to be independent day by day.

Tutor Time is a school where children learn through play and exploration. My husband Darius (who grew up in Australia) and I believe that kids learn best through play and our goal has always been to raise our children to become contented, confident, well rounded and independent individuals who love to learn. We knew that Tutor Time was the right partner in helping us reach our goal since Gabriel loved going to school. He also loved his teachers which was important because kids always learn best from people they like. Gabriel thrived at Tutor Time and he later went on to study at Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division where his confidence, creativity, free spirit and language skills are serving him well.

When my daughter Nadia was born (five years after Gabriel), it was a no-brainer which school she was going to attend. Tutor Time welcomed us again with open arms and it's wonderful to see the familiar faces of these friendly, helpful and caring people again: Center Director Ms. Cecilia Ng, Administrator Ms. Katie Chan, Curriculum Coordinator Ms. Connie Cheng (who was the classroom teacher in Gabriel's Nursery and K1 classes and one of his favourite teachers) and last but not least, Ms Fion Chan (the classroom teacher in both Gabriel's TAG class in 2009 and Nadia's TAG class in 2014). Meanwhile, I got to enjoy TAG classes all over again. Lucky me! Just like her brother, Nadia (currently in K1 Kangaroo class) loves going to Tutor Time and her transition from TAG to Nursery was seamless, thanks to the incredible team at Tutor Time.

Darius and I would like to thank the Tutor Time team for their dedication, love and kindness shown towards both our children and to us over the years. Our kids are who they are today partly because of what Tutor Time has offered them. And Tutor Time will forever be an integral part of us all for it is more than just a school.

To us, Tutor Time is like a second family: countless precious memories were made and shared here; numerous special days (Chinese New Year, Father's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.) were celebrated here; and many blessed friendships were built here. That's why it'll be incredibly sad when we have to bid farewell again someday.

Perhaps it's time to consider starting your own primary and secondary divisions, Tutor Time!

With love from Claudia, Darius, Gabriel and Nadia (The Tang family)

Jessica Lok Yuen Tung’s experience in Play Group and Kindergarten

Jessica was born in Hong Kong, but spent most of the time in Shenzhen before turning one and a half years old. She started attending 金寶貝 Play group when she was 6 months old. I can still remember how funny it was when she could only crawl and turn on the floor.

When Jessica was one and a half year old, we moved back to Hong Kong with her. She joined the Toddler Activity Group at Tutor Time Braemar Hill campus and was promoted to Nursery, K1, and is now attending K2.

Jessica has made huge progress over the past 3 years. When she first came to school, she was that sweet little girl who just learnt how to walk. After having went through Tutor Time’s specially designed programs, she acquired a lot of useful skills, especially independent thinking and strong communication skills in multiple languages.

Jessica is passionate, smart, energetic, and has a bright personality. She has a lot of hobbies now like singing, dancing, drawing, riding horses, etc. She is also very helpful. She likes being her teachers’ little helper by calming other classmates in class or maintaining the order in class. She loves interacting with her teachers and asking logical questions. Everyone in class including the teacher loves her very much.

Jessica also attends extra-curricular activities besides going to Tutor Time. She does swimming, ice-skating, horse riding, drawing, and attends English class, Mathematics class, piano class, and ballet class, etc. She loves going to these activities and she gets to meet more new friends. Her teachers always tell us she is a very good student.

Jessica is very active at home as well. She helps me clean and tidy up her toys, she can eat by herself, she can do homework by herself, and she practices the piano. We always bring her when we travel. Even when she is tired, she still insists on walking. This makes us think she is a very thoughtful and independent girl. Jessica is very polite to adults and always greets them voluntarily. We all think she is very sweet and kind.

Even though she was fortunately accepted by some local kindergartens, we decided to keep her in Tutor Time after all. This shows that we trust the teachers of Tutor Time and believe that it is the best possible environment for Jessica. The only problem right now is that I need to make her lunch box every day since she is going to K2 class full day.

Jessica will continue to learn and grow at Tutor Time and we will continue to work with the school to provide her a rewarding and happy life!

Testimonial for Tutor Time (from Mr. and Mrs. Ng)

How time flies and our son Adrian has just started a new journey to an international school this year. We need to thank for Tutor Time of providing the quality education that laid down a solid foundation to shape up his confidence, curiosity and interest in learning. Since his 7 months old, Adrian joined the Tutor Time family under the playgroup and since then he became a happy boy and gained good language and knowledge skills. Apart from the language skill, it also developed his social skill that helped him in meeting new friends. Now probably he has more friends than us.

He loves Tutor Time so much as all the teachers and staff are professional, caring and fun. We are really thankful to have all the experienced teachers at Tutor Time to help Adrian get a great sense of enthusiasm and interests in learning. Through the education, Adrian developed a love of learning and exploration through various activities and established a strong bi-lingual language skills. Besides, he enjoyed much in participation of the annual events such as Sports Day, Beach Party, Summer Concert, etc and all these events enforce Adrian’s attachment to the school.

We all love his annual show time of the Summer Concert event, this is a splendid event and we are so amazed to note how the significant changes and improvement of our son from year to year and month to month. We remember in his first time, he was so scare and crying over the show. But gradually, he performs better and better. We can’t forget his last performance this year of a Chinese dance which is so adorable and professional and we cannot believe a 4 years old boy can do it without a proper good training and coaching by the teachers. Once again, we thank to all teachers and staff of Tutor Time.

Happy Memory at Tutor Time

Time flies! Our daughter Eunice is already 5. I need to give special thanks to Tutor Time Braemar Hill Nursery and Kindergarten. Thanks to your help and acceptance, you have helped us through the darkest period of our time and given us a great memory. We really don’t know how to thank you enough.

Thank you to all the teachers that have taught Eunice. Your commitment and compassion have moved us! I hope you will allow me to thank you here, and I hope you will continue to do what you did for Eunice for other families as well.

When choosing a school, we always hoped that our daughter would be happy there. We didn’t want her to always be doing homework or give her too many extra-curricular activities.

Our daughter was born prematurely on the 31st week of my pregnancy in 2010. It wasn’t easy for us to have her. At the beginning when we were choosing a school for her, we hoped that she could still have a happy childhood. After doing some research, we found out that Tutor Time has a very good reputation in Hong Kong, so we scheduled for a visit to the school. We signed up for their playgroup right after looking at the campus.

In 2011, Eunice was 1 year 4 months old. She started attending Tutor Time twice a week. She loved to dance every time she heard the “Good Morning” song. She was starting to recognize her name. All the cognitive and explorative activities made her become more curious of things that stimulated her senses.

Time flies! It was already time to find a nursery for Eunice as she turned 2. Same as what we planned before, we wanted her to have a happy learning environment. We knew that Tutor Time would give priority to their current students, but we still wanted to see what other schools could offer. So we applied for Kiangsu & Chekiang Nursery. After visiting that school, we decided that it is not right for Eunice and she didn’t get the offer anyway!

It was Eunice’s first day at Nursery, her second chapter at Tutor Time, 2012. Eunice was very different than other children. She did not cry! On the contrary, she was having a lot of fun. I was quite sad to feel that she is already growing up and becoming independent. She didn’t need me around her anymore! Surprisingly on her second day of school, she saw that other kids were crying, so she cried too. She cried for a whole year. We were also surprised that after a few months of Nursery, the school and we noticed there were some differences between her and other students. Her teachers had an evaluation and that was when our nightmare began. Eunice was diagnosed to be attention deficit, hyperactive, and she possessed language delay.

Her teachers were trying every way to help Eunice over the year, trying to build up her sense of security. They let me stay in the class for 10 minutes longer and leave at the dancing and singing session. Eunice loves singing. It was the only way I could leave the school without making her cry. Her teachers always communicated with us. They would incorporate things that she likes in class to help her. We are very grateful that you didn’t give up on Eunice.

It was time to apply for K1 in 2013. We hoped that her Chinese would be great in the future, so we chose some schools that promoted a happy learning environment: Hong Kong Ling Liang Church, Methodist Church, Po Leung Kuk, Ming Wai International and Victoria. At the end, only Ming Wai International gave her an offer, but this was not our favorite. So we decided to stay at Tutor Time for K1 morning class. She attended Tutor Time in the morning and Methodist Church in the afternoon. It was a great school with love and compassion and their teachers were great too. However after 4 months, they told us that they didn’t have enough staff to help Eunice, so she could only catch up as much as possible.So, at the end we stayed at Tutor Time. We offer thanks to her 4 teachers over that year.

They turned a little girl who didn’t know how to express her feelings with words and had emotional problems into a girl who knows about rules and self-discipline. She had great progress in language skill and emotional control. She started loving going to school. She would even say goodbye to me when I dropped her off at school.

In 2014, Eunice started going to K2. She had the same teachers as in K1, but was switched from half day to full day. She had trouble getting used to it and she had emotional problems again. We thank Principal Ms. Cecilia and her 4 teachers for their help and tolerance during this time. They suggested for me to stay in the class with her until she calmed down, and then slowly reduce the amount of time I spent in the classroom. I had to be in class with her for a month and a half. Thanks to everyone’s arrangement, she regained the confidence of going to school again. The teachers really wanted her to make strong progress and strengthen our communication. Ms. Heidi was trying her best to find more ways to get to know Eunice better. At the end, we invited Ms. Heidi to observe Eunice’s performance at the therapy session in another institution, so that she could get a better idea of how to help Eunice at school. Now, Eunice wants to go to school every day! I wouldn’t imagine any other schools outside would be able to offer such kind and thoughtful help.

In 2015, since Braemar Hill campus does not have K3 and I didn’t want Eunice to spend time adapting to a new environment in the other campus (Red Hill), I decided to let her stay in Braemar Hill campus to repeat K2 for a better foundation for going to primary school. I hope that she will be able to catch up with the level of the other students her age. Listed below are the teachers that taught Eunice that we would like to thank.

Center Director: Cecilia Ng

Playgroup: Mr. Russell & Ms. Fion

Nursery : Mr. Rob, Ms. Lydia

K1 & K2 Ms. Marianne, Ms. Lucia , Ms. Heidi, Ms. Becky

Why I choose TT for my two children

It is always a headache for parents to choose the right school for their children. I am a parent with 2 children. I was visiting schools and surfing online for comments; Tutor Time is the outstanding one (among others, such as, Kingston and York International Kindergartens), which I found satisfactory.

It was when my elder daughter applied for K1 program that I first heard of Tutor Time. The happy, clean and organized environment has attracted my daughter and me. Everything is very natural; we both feel very comfortable, just like going back home.

I feel great once she started school. Every morning, the Principal greeted my daughter and me. She was very enthusiastic every time and made me feel I was part of the school. I also feel very secure after I had a chat with the Principal. I feel the culture here at Tutor Time truly international, accepting different cultures without any labeling. Parents here from China strongly agree with this.

Apparently, my daughter has become more active, enjoyed going to school a lot, and doing homework with a very enthusiastic attitude. I am sure this should be the influence from Tutor Time’s environment. Besides, I also find my network with other parents here, and I am very grateful that Tutor Time has also provided this platform and opportunity for me.

I had taken a very serious consideration and had made comparison among schools, and I have no doubt in choosing Tutor Time. This year, my younger daughter turns 2 and it is time for her to attend the nursery program. People have been asking me the school that she will be going to. I am proud to say, “Tutor Time, as it is my home!”

Zhang Xinyue and Zhang Yaoyue's Mom

We met a school like a big family!

My two sons have been going to Tutor Time since playgroup. My older son went to complete K1 and my younger son is now in nursery. Both of them have had a fantastic time with the school and we couldn't be happier to see them growing and learning in a fun, loving, safe and academically sound school environment.

My older son attended playgroup at 6 months old but he was diagnosed with a congenital disorder after a month the school started. He had to go for immediate surgeries and an intensive therapy program afterwards so we had no choice but to stop the playgroup. By the time he re-enrolled again he was already 1.5 year old.

I remembered the first time he went back, the lady at the school entrance immediately recognized him, promptly greeted us and asked about his well being. Then the rest of the staff also came to welcome him in such a warm gesture. I was really surprised and grateful that they still remembered him after such a short period of attendance before.

The school was also very attentive in assisting my son with his special needs learning through out the school terms. The teachers were especially loving and patient. They gave me constant updates on his progress and they were genuine in developing a relationship with him as well as with all the other children. As a parent I felt really assuring to know that my son was being well looked after and I am thankful to have received the tremendous support from the school.

My son has now moved to another international school to continue with his education. I felt very satisfied with the school that he got on to, which was our number one choice for him. He was well equipped with the knowledge and self independence to have been performed well in the interviews. Again, I have to thank Tutor Time for providing a robust curriculum and great teaching staff to fully engage my son in his developmental learning.

As for my younger son, he was famous even before he started school there because he always came to school with his brother. Everyone played with him and called him "De De" (little brother) and that really helped him to get adjusted to school very quickly by the time he was ready to start on his own.

I would highly recommend Tutor Time to any parents looking for a happy learning environment for their children. This is a school that is resourceful, academically sound and class room size appropriate with a brilliant teaching staff. If there is one word that I would use for this school, I would say "Family" as the staff would get to know you and your children like a family in no time!

Testimony from the Chiu’s family

Tutor Time is an integral part of our family

Already before coming to Hong Kong, our good friends here had told us about Tutor Time. We still feel so lucky we followed their advice to enroll our daughters! Only 5 days after our arrival, Camille started attending class. From the very beginning, she was captured by the caring and exciting environment and the attachment ever since only grew and grew. Caught by the contagiously warm and inspiring atmosphere, our oldest daughter Celeste could not wait to participate in the summer school program, last chance for her to join Tutor Time before she would become “too old”. And without hesitation, we enrolled our youngest daughter Clarisse as early as possible for her to start her journey of social and academic development in this privileged environment.

At Tutor Time, learning is fun. What more can you wish for as a parent than seeing your children being passionate about what they are doing? Nurturing the curiosity and unleashing the joy of learning and self development is the foundation we would like to build for our daughters’ academic journey. We are impressed how well the school balances guided learning and self motivated learning. For nothing in the world, our girls would miss a day at school! We will never forget the morning seeing Celeste puzzled instead of being excited in view of spending a full day with Mum and Dad at Ocean Park: It was “Fun Friday”, one of the days where the kids would discover a specific aspect of the learning program through very special activities. On that day, Celeste and her class would pretend going on a camping adventure, bringing in sleeping bags, tents, mosquito nets and even real flashlights! Only when we promised Celeste she could attend class that day by postponing our Ocean Park visit, we could see her genuine smile reappear on her face :-)!

Tutor Time is fully bilingual and truly international. Born in Japan or Hong Kong and having German and French parents, our girls are used to growing up in an international environment. They enjoy being exposed to different languages and cultures. This curiosity is being fully nurtured at school. Camille has many friends in her class coming from various national backgrounds: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Swedish and English just to name a few. The daily school routine is taking place half of the time in Mandarin and half of the time in English. We still remember Camille’s first day at school, leaving her with her teacher Ms Maggie welcoming her and instructing her only in Mandarin. Our first worries of exposing her to too many “new” things at once faded away quickly. Camille was so proud of being the fastest one in the family to pick up notions in Mandarin and this clearly helped her settle smoothly into her new home in Hong Kong. And you can imagine how proud her parents have been when Camille was the fastest one to reply during a Story Telling Time in Chinese: “Chang jin lu” she shouted from the back, anticipating which of the animals would appear next in the story.

At Tutor Time the teachers and administration staff are highly dedicated and demonstrate excellence in everything they do. Parents are closely informed and always up-to-date through weekly and monthly newsletters, interactive communication through the website and proactive information sharing about up-coming events! You can feel everybody is doing much more than just their job, but pursuing a mission of helping our children to grow in the most comforting and personally stimulating way. Our daughters are clearly inspired by what they learn and develop self confidence that guides them through their daily challenges. “Ms Carmen said”, referring to her classroom teacher, became the ultimate benchmark for Camille about what is right or wrong and helps her making right social and behavioral choices. And even our youngest has been already captivated by her teachers. Mr. Tony’s song of “Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun” became the most effective way to bring back the smile on Clarisse’s face. She would instantly join in, clapping her hands and be in the best mood ever.

In conclusion, Tutor Time is much more than just the pre-school of our daughters. Being it through the regular class room routines, the special family events such as Halloween, Sports Day, Family Fun Day or individual birthday parties, Tutor Time learning involves the child holistically and lets the entire family participate whenever and how much you feel is comfortable. It builds exactly the academic and social foundation we are looking for our girls. And even more, we can truly say: Tutor Time is an integral part of the family!

Karena, Francis, Celeste, Camille and Clarisse Belin (Belin Family)

My heart melted, in a Tutor Time classroom

I took the day off work to be by my daughter’s side for one of the biggest moments of her life -- the first day of nursery school.

Although Arabella had been a young pupil at Tutor Time since she was 10-months-old, the next step was a big one. She was to walk into a classroom all by herself.

The staff at Tutor Time kindly guided me through the transition. Director Karen Lee Reynoso met with me and presented a detailed list on how to prepare a toddler for the big day. She also asked if there were any particular "transitional objects" to ease Arabella into the new environment.

A teacher walked my daughter and me through the new classroom to see the toys, art projects and books. We could immediately see it was a wonderful place – fun, safe, and stimulating.

On the day itself, I passed my daughter’s hand along to the classroom assistant who was holding Arabella’s coveted "transitional objects" – a balloon and a bright blue bucket. Yes, there were tears. But after 10 minutes, they were gone. And she has never cried since.

At Tutor Time, my daughter has grown to be fully bilingual in both Mandarin and English. She can sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and cycle into "
頭肩膀膝腳趾" without missing a beat.

Arabella has also learned critical socialization skills -- how to sit still during "circle time," say "thank you" during snack time, and tidy the toys after play time (while singing the "Clean Up Song" in both English and Chinese, of course!).

My daughter also enjoys the high energy and innovative approach of her teachers. Their creativity is fully on display at Tutor Time’s Sports Day with its full array of tailor-made activities and obstacle courses. Inside the classroom, "Fun Friday" theme days encourage both parents and children to explore a curriculum topic in a creative way. After dressing up as a Stegosaurus for "Dinosaur Day," sure enough, my two-year-old was able to explain the differences between a Tyrannosaurus rex and a Triceratops!

Tutor Time has helped transform my daughter into an inquisitive and active child who has fully embraced both Mandarin and English. Tutor Time has also eased this parent through the process, while celebrating each milestone of her young life.

At the Mother’s Day party, my daughter presented two cards to me – one in Chinese, one in English – as well as a song. She sang "
我的好媽媽," a sweet lullaby for working mothers.

"Let me kiss you," she sang in Chinese. My heart melted, as I was perched on a child’s chair in a Tutor Time classroom.

Kristie Lu Stout - Mother of Arabella Chong

Chiara (4) is the third of our children to attend the Tutor Time campus at Red Hill. Like her two sisters she started in Nursery, 5 days a week. It did not take her long to get used to the new environment and actually appeared bored when (alone) at home. Her English developed rapidly and Mandarin seemed to be pure fun. When she graduated to K1 we decided to let her attend the afternoon sessions as well. While a 6-hour day plus lunch break appears to be quite long for a child that age (she was only 3 back then), Chiara seemed to fully enjoy her time there. Of course, the transition to the full day was a bit hard at first, but her teachers did their best to accommodate her whenever she felt tired or simply wanted to go home to cuddle with mummy. Now, two years later at the end of K2, she continues to surprise us with all different kinds of artwork, a huge repertoire of English and Chinese songs, a sheer endless stock of knowledge bites ("do you know that Pluto is not a planet anymore?"), an increasing interest in books (she loves to "read") and a very open and curious mind. She speaks English as if it was her mother tongue (we are German and speak German at home), follows Chinese stories and sings Chinese songs with lots of enthusiasm. Sometimes she surprises even her older (Mandarin speaking) sisters by helping them out when they don't know a particular expression in Chinese.

The center is well-managed. The teachers are fun and very well trained. It's obvious they like their work and love to work with children. The children learn about their world in many creative ways: through art work, stories, songs, games, and, yes, even school-like practice exercises.

In short, I am very happy with Tutor Time and can only recommend it. It seems to be both a great place for children and an effective preparation for school. All my daughters were accepted at GSIS on their first attempt.

Sabine Hirt (PhD)-Mother of Natasha, Isabella and Chiara

I have to say I feel so grateful to Tutor Time for helping my son, Aston Hui, to grow and improve all these times while he was studying inside the school. And with no doubt, I will recommend Tutor Time to other parents as I truly believe children will benefit from the excellent and warm learning environment provided by Tutor Time.

My son Aston was actually a really shy boy before he started his play group in Tutor Time at the age of 2. Not only he resisted chatting with adults except his own parents, but also it took us a lot of time and effort to encourage him to communicate with cousins at his age. That's why when my husband and I had made the decision of sending Aston to the play group in Tutor Times, I was actually a bit worried that he would not be able to get along well with others, especially he was crying for a long time when he was sent to Tutor Time at the very beginning.

However, thanks to the caring and forbearing teachers in Tutor Time, especially Aston's class teacher, Ms. Connie, with all their encouragement and patience, Aston has gradually adapted to his play group and even made some new friends eventually. He went home with a smile on his face and was so enthusiastic to share his school life with us. I was so thrilled to see what a lot of progress he has made, which is not only about social skills, but also language ability and intellectual development.

I sincerely hope Tutor Time can continue to grow with its genuine concerns for students and help more kids to find their way.

Mrs. Bonnie Hui-Mother of Aston Hui

Our son Oliver joined Tutor Time Braemar Hill in their Nursery class in September 2009 at just over 2 years old. He adjusted quickly and loves going to Tutor Time. We have been impressed by the enthusiasm and passion of his teachers and appreciate the warm and caring environment in which they inspire the children to learn, encourage their curiosity and develop their various abilities.

Oliver’s language development has been amazing over the past year, particularly Putonghua (his second language) which he mostly understands and frequently uses to ask questions and make observations. With an English/Putonghua education in mind, we believe we made the right decision to send him to Tutor Time.

Most importantly, Oliver is happy at Tutor Time, which we believe is key to inspire a love of learning at this early stage of his life.

Oliver’s 10 month-old brother Joshua will commence Playgroup at Tutor Time in September and we expect that he will enjoy it as much as Oliver has over the past year.

Alice and Gary Chan

“Look! This is my School......it’s Tutor Time......”

“Do you want to go to my school.....I can show you around.”

“I want to go there......it’s my school.”

“Where are my teachers......are they in the classrooms?”

Nurturing is a very unique form of Art. It involves the experience of accommodating one’s feelings and caring for one’s needs. It is all about nourishment, development, encouragement and compliments.

We are so blessed to have Jonathan and Jerald to be our models of giftedness and talent. They enjoy their experiences of receiving a kind of fun-filled learning within a cheerful, inspirational, respectful and gracious environment. We believe that the mission of Tutor Time is the best nourishment for our children. Its diverse and motivational curriculum helps our children develop their learning abilities and enhances their holistic development physically, cognitively, mentally and culturally.

With all the best wishes to Tutor Time for continuing practicing this unique form of Art.

Rita Chan - Mother of Jonathan and Jerald

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