Top Hong Kong Nursery (2-3 years)

(also known as Pre Nursery)

Tutor Time will work with your child to ensure they get the best possible start in life. Our English nursey curriculum is designed to support the growth of your child at this crucial stage in their development. As established early childcare education professionals, we understand the importance of laying the appropriate groundwork to ensure learning and socialising continues to be engrossing and enjoyable undertaking as your child continues to develop. Our nursery program is designed to do this by making learning and engaging with others a highly positive experience. As one of Hong Kong’s best nurseries, we take a holistic approach to development through a diverse curriculum which will challenge and engage your child both mentally and physically.

Enrol your child in the best English nursery program to give them a head start in life

The ability to communicate verbally is increasing in children of this age; simultaneously, independence and exploration are of paramount importance. Tutor Time® provides daily activities designed to promote your child’s understanding of the world through learning centers, art and sensory activities, blocks, language and library activities, small manipulatives and math, playground fun as well as music and movement. Using the Tutor Time® Ability Profile, teachers are able to observe and record your child’s progress towards achieving developmental milestones. Preparation for kindergarten and beyond is a key focus in nursery, therefore social and cognitive development is an important consideration in the Tutor Time® Nursery classroom.

To learn more about our nursery curriculum, or why we’re known for running one of the top English speaking nursery programs in Hong Kong, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team using the online enquiry form. Tutor Time is dedicated to providing local and expatriate parents in Hong Kong with access to outstanding early childhood education programs that put the learning needs of their child first.