Best English & Top Bilingual Pre Nursery, Kindergarten Admission HK

Pre Nursery (2-3 Years)

Give your child the best start in life. Enrol them in one of the top bilingual pre nursery programs in the country and set them on the path to becoming strong, confident and socially capable with Tutor Time. Our Mandarin and English pre nursery program gives them early exposure to a diverse range of social situations, helping them develop crucial interpersonal skills at an early age that will stand them in good stead through the rest of their education. Discuss your requirements with our staff and find out if Tutor Time is the right fit for your child.

The right soil for your child to bloom in

Immersing your son or daughter in the right environment at an early age greatly contributes to their future success. Whatever developmental stage your child has reached on joining Tutor Time, our program will gently guide them through their play-oriented education, helping them to develop the beginnings of strong communication and critical thinking skills. In our child-centered program, students participate in stimulating activities that reward experimentation, exploration and lateral thinking.

Choosing a fully bilingual program helps prepare children for life in a multicultural world, making them confident with language at an age when children can more easily develop proficiency in multiple languages simultaneously. Through interactions with other students and structured activities with teachers, they’ll increase their understanding of how language works. They will also become comfortable with switching between Mandarin and Chinese – a skill that will help them succeed no matter where in the world they go.

Make the right choice for your loved one

Enrolling in one of the best pre nursery programs in Hong Kong can set your child on the path for admission to some of the most exclusive and sought after kindergartens and primary schools in the city, preparing them for a lifetime of success.

Talk to one of our staff members today to find out how Tutor Time could help your child flourish.